Nov 2016

Consulting Testimonial 1

Ms. Ryan remains the finest DNA expert I have ever utilized in my almost 30 years of trial practice.  My client, Michael Hunter, was falsely accused of the most hideous of crimes – rape and incest regarding his own daughter.  Kern County is a dangerous place for such false accusations. Transfer DNA placed all kinds of DNA in all kinds of highly suspicious places and body parts, and the state crime lab expert testified that transfer DNA, while an interesting possibility, didn’t really exist in the real world. The case went from juror anger towards Mr. Hunter on January 4, 2013 when opening statements were presented to a full acquittal of all charges on January 24, 2013, after request for read back of both the state crime lab expert and Ms. Ryan.  Ms. Ryan was instrumental in saving Mr. Hunter’s life.  I cannot thank Ms. Ryan enough for breaking down the most complicated of hard science concepts into understandable “chunks” of information.  Jurors afterwards related to me that the DNA presentation of Ms. Ryan angered them – “how can this happen?” one said to me. “Frightening…” commented another.

Mr. Hunter is home with his loved ones after suffering the most terrifying of ordeals.  In large part, he owes his freedom to Ms. Ryan.

Paul Cadman, Esq.

Kern County Public Defender’s Office

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