Evidence Collection

Ryan Forensic utilizes visual, magnified, Alternate Light Source, and microscopic examination techniques to help locate potential biological evidence. Once located, the stain can be analyzed with a wide array of serological tests. Traditional collection methods or the M-Vac System can be used to collect the DNA evidence.

In addition, Ryan Forensic is proud to announce that they are one of the few laboratories in the country who utilize the groundbreaking M-Vac Wet-Vacuum DNA Collection Method. The M-Vac system consists of a disposable sampling head, a disposable sample collection unit, nuclease and DNA-free sampling buffer and a support unit designed to provide vacuum and pressurized solution to the system as it is applied to the surface of the evidence item.  This method is especially effective in the collection of low-level, trace DNA.


The M-Vac system allows for collection of DNA from large areas of an item – which is simply not possible with swabbing or cutting methods.  In addition, this system has been shown to collect larger amounts of DNA than traditional swabbing or cutting methods, especially on porous materials.

The M-Vac has been successfully used in research studies to collect saliva from skin after a female volunteer has showered and it has been used to collect male touch DNA from a female volunteer’s shirt after a male volunteer has merely grabbed the shirt. The M-Vac system has also been used in actual casework and has been successful in collecting DNA from, among other things, a rock and a pillowcase – after these items had already been tested using swabbing methods. The M-Vac system was also used to collect trace DNA from a child rape and homicide victim’s underwear, after she had been submerged in water for ~8 hours. If you have a case that could benefit from the M-Vac’s superior DNA collection abilities, please contact us for a quote.

Field Services

Any of the evidence collection or serology services provided by Ryan Forensic can also be performed at the scene and in the field. This includes the use of the M-Vac system. We would be happy to provide our skilled evidence collection and testing on your evidence items in our Red Lodge, MT laboratory, at your facility, or on location at the crime scene.