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Serology and DNA Case File Review:

With the advent of newer, more sensitive technologies and procedures, DNA evidence is being used in more criminal cases than ever before. No longer reserved for the most violent of crimes, even simple burglaries and drug possession cases are submitted to the lab for DNA analysis. Since DNA can transfer through a mere touch, how can you ensure the results obtained are accurate?

With ever-increasing caseloads and pressure to speed up case turn-around-times, mistakes in even the very best of labs can and do happen. How can you be sure that the results in your case are error-free? And, perhaps even more importantly, how can you catch an error before your client is facing jail time?

One way to ensure the correct results were obtained is to hire an independent forensic DNA consulting firm such as Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting. The serology and DNA results will be reviewed in detail for accuracy and adherence to laboratory protocols and potential errors, contamination events, or even DNA mix-ups will be highlighted.

And, just as importantly, once the review is completed we can assist you with your understanding of DNA in general, what the DNA results actually mean, and the possible implications of those results.

Review of DNA case files at Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting includes a complete review of your client’s serology and DNA results, reanalysis of electronic DNA data using Applied Biosystems’ GeneMapperID software or SoftGen’s GeneMarker HID software, a complete review of the laboratory’s manuals including SOPs, Quality Assurance, and validation manuals, a review of the laboratory’s contamination/carry-over/unexplained profile logs, and a review of the lab’s accreditation documentation including past audit reports.

Laboratory Observation of Consumptive DNA Testing

If a sample is limited in size, it may be deemed necessary to consume the sample entirely during DNA analysis. If this is the case, it can be useful to have your own expert present during the consumptive DNA testing to observe each of the procedures. The expert can confirm adherence to protocols, proper analytical technique, and ensure that no unnoticed errors have occurred during the analysis process. In this way, you can be confident in the DNA results knowing that an independent set of eyes has witnessed each step of the process during the testing of the limited sample.

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    Expert Testimony/Trial Preparation Services/Observation of Opposing Expert

    In addition to reviewing DNA casework, it is occasionally necessary to testify as an expert witness regarding problems or errors noted during the review or in regards to opinions offered in the report. Suzanna Ryan has testified as a forensic DNA expert for both the prosecution and the defense in her career with over 40 prosecution testimony experiences and over 45 defense testimony experiences. Suzanna has testified in 11 states and in Germany in civil, criminal, and military cases both at the state and the federal level.

    Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting is also often asked to observe the testimony of the opposing expert and to offer cross-examination question suggestions either before or during the trial. In this way, you can be certain that the right DNA-related questions are being asked using the proper terminology and that the opposing expert is answering in a straightforward, complete, and unbiased manner.


    In addition to consulting services, Ms. Ryan is also available for training purposes. Over the years, Suzanna has had the opportunity to provide training and education to varied groups including:

    • Prosecutors
    • Forensic Nurse Examiners
    • Defense Attorneys and Investigators
    • Police Officers
    • Students
    • Cold Case Investigators

    If you are interested in having Suzanna Ryan speak at your conference or event, please contact us to discuss your specific topic or training need.