Ryan Forensic/Advanced Serology Lab has partnered with Pure Gold Forensics for DNA Testing Services
Jun 2019

Ryan Forensic/Advanced Serology Lab has partnered with Pure Gold Forensics for DNA Testing Services

Suzanna Ryan,

Owner/Consultant at Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting.

Over the past few years, Ryan Forensic/ASL has been working with Pure Gold Forensics, Inc.  In fact, Suzanna Ryan has taken over as PGF’s Laboratory Director and is also a forensic DNA analyst at the laboratory.  Ms. Ryan was integral in planning and implementing a number of validation studies in order for PGF to begin offering Globalfiler and YFiler Plus DNA analysis with Quantifiler Trio human and male quantitation.  Pure Gold Forensics, Inc. achieved their ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) accreditation in August of 2018 and is now a fully accredited Forensic DNA Testing laboratory – the only accredited laboratory in Southern California!

In addition to Forensic DNA testing, Ms. Ryan felt it was important to offer forensic serology testing services as well.  As such, all serology casework associated with criminal cases have been moved to PGF to be performed at the accredited facility (private serology cases can still be performed at RF/ASL, if desired).

Additionally, M-Vac DNA Collection will still be offered at RF/ASL.  Any samples collected using the M-Vac can be shipped to the lab of your choice for analysis or can be tested at Pure Gold Forensics. Recent testing by the FBI has shown the M-Vac can collect anywhere from 5 – 47X more DNA than swabbing alone.  RF/ASL has had many successes with the M-Vac including clothing items that have only briefly been touched, buried items, items left outside, rocks, ligatures, and others.

Ms. Ryan is also available for DNA sample collection from evidence items housed in police department evidence rooms, crime labs, or at crime scenes.

We are so excited to be able to offer not only M-Vac sample collection, but now autosomal and Y-STR DNA analysis in a fully accredited forensic laboratory!  Please contact us directly to learn more or to get a quote for services.


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