Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting and Advanced Serology Lab

Forensic DNA Consulting services provided by an experienced DNA analyst and former DNA Technical Leader. Let us review your DNA case for accuracy and adherence to protocols. Expert witness services and trial preparation/consultation assistance is also available.

Biological evidence screening performed in our Advanced Serology Laboratory focusing on locating, identifying, and collecting DNA from bodily fluids. Our serological services include the characterization and identification of blood, semen, saliva, vaginal fluid, and menstrual fluid. Collection of DNA samples is available via cutting or swabbing or through the use of the M-Vac Wet Vacuum DNA Collection System.

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Evidence Collection

Advanced Serology Laboratory utilizes visual, magnified, Alternate Light Source, and microscopic examination techniques to help locate potential biological evidence. Once located, the stain can be analyzed with a wide array of serological tests. Traditional collection methods or the M-Vac System can be used to collect the DNA evidence.”

Consulting Services

With the advent of newer, more sensitive technologies and procedures, DNA evidence is being used in more criminal cases than ever before. No longer reserved for the most violent of crimes, even simple burglaries and drug possession cases are submitted to the lab for DNA analysis. Since DNA can transfer through a mere touch, how can you ensure the results obtained are accurate?

Serology Services

Advanced Serology Laboratory offers biological screening services to police, prosecution, and defense agencies. We are also available for civil cases and for privately funded work. Serology testing is time consuming and can create a bottle-neck in a case which slows down the DNA testing and results. Eliminate the bottle-neck by pre-screening and sampling your evidence.


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